Young Living SALE!!


UPDATE: Through MIDNIGHT tonight (10/19) you get 10% off from Young Living AND $25 from me!! That’s a $41 discount!! Click here to join the oily tribe 🙂


Just this weekend, I had the chance to tell my story about how and why I got started with Young Living. In short, it was an investment in my health and wellness, and one I’m SO glad I made! I feel more in control of my body, my weight management, my moods, even how I clean my home. I literally smiled at 7am (if you know me, there’s no smiling that early in the morning), but I was THRILLED and so proud of myself because I realized my shower/morning routine is ALL Young Living. My shampoo, bar soap, mint scrub (helps wake me up!), moisturizer… it’s all from Young Living, and it’s all free of harsh chemicals, parabens (which we too often see in beauty products), dyes, fake scents and fragrances, etc. It’s only the purest, most natural stuff on the earth because it IS of the earth. 

Essential oils are the oils extracted from plants, herbs, and plant-based resins. They’re incredibly powerful and have endless health benefits. When I took the big step of getting my Premium Starter Kit, it was a little scary. The world of essential oils was SO overwhelming for me- I didn’t even know where to start. Young Living’s starter kit made it easy 🙂 With all the amazing oils and accessories, you also get 24% off ALL future YL orders, AND a chance to enroll in their rewards program which has already earned me over 20 YL products for FREE. That’s right $0. Those daily health and beauty items I use each morning went into my monthly rewards purchase, and that lead to FREE oils!! It’s stuff I’d usually buy at the grocery store, except I earn points SO fast and get free stuff along the way 🙂 

There is no better way to get started with oils, because there’s so much to explore within this kit. They last forever, and cover so many areas of need for each person: digestion, immune support, restful sleep, de-stress, overall wellness and antioxidant boost, pure home cleaning, DIY health and beauty prodcuts… ALL of that is in the kit!

NOW THROUGH WEDNESDAY, Young Living is offering 10% off*!! That saves you 16 bucks! You know what else I can get for $16?? Foaming hand soap, lavender oatmeal bar soap, hand sanitizer that’s free of harsh chemicals and fragrances… You could turn right around and get ANY of those products with that $16 you saved! But YL is also throwing in a FREE oregano oil which is great for internal support and bone health! Also great in spaghetti sauces 😉 For $144, your kit includes:

  • 5ml Lavender
  • 5ml Stress Away
  • 5ml Frankincense
  • 5ml Peppermint
  • 5ml Lemon
  • 5ml Thieves, a natural purifier and cleanser
  • 5ml DiGize for aid in digestion
  • 5ml Purification, perfect for neutralizing odors in the home
  • 5ml Copaiba, aids the body in its natural response to inflammation
  • 5ml R.C., perfect for opening airways to help you get a good night’s sleep
  • 5ml PanAway, a blend of wintergreen and other oils to help ease minor aches and pains
  • A diffuser of your choice (dewdrop or rose diffuser)
  • 1 roller top attachment to run any oil into an easy-application roll on
  • 2 2oz sample packets of NingXia Red, a delicious antioxidant blend using wolfberries and EOs an overall energy boost
  • 10 sample packets of variety EOs for stashing in your bag or sharing with friends!
  • 10 sample bottles for sharing oils with loved ones, or for traveling 
  • How-to guide to help you get started using each oil. Shows recommended uses and ideas
  • 24% off ALL future Young Living orders
  • EO Magazine
  • Access to Essential Rewards program that helps you earn points to use for FREE oils
  • Access to The Droppery private Facebook group
  • Access to team support and leadership guidance!

These kit/membership fee is NOT recurring. So it’s like a Costco membership… except you only pay it once in your life and it comes with a WHOLE box full of goodies. I’d love to help you get started the way someone helped ME get started. I jumped on the oily train and never looked back! Taking this next step on your health journey is easy, and now more affordable than ever. Visit to get started and SAVE 10%*!


*10% deal applies to kits purchased with a rose diffuser option*

Keto Update!



Last year on my 27th birthday, I promised myself this would be my year. I would do good things, pursue dreams, eat well, and be healthy mind, body and soul. My birthday is October 24th so we’re in the home stretch folks. So far, I’ve got a few of those things checked off the list, but eating right and staying physically healthy has been a challenge for me every since graduate school which is where the stress began. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED grad school, and if I could just do that forever with my amazing cohort, I totally would. But that’s also when college kids become adults, and bills start coming in, and job hunts begin, and some of us get a permanent roommate (i.e. a spouse). Read more

New Publication: The Rebel Boy

boat-1I’m SO excited to share this piece with y’all!! It went live on September 19th, and has received some great reviews from readers, friends, and family. This is my first non-fiction piece and WAY outside my comfort zone, so your encouragement and readership has meant so much to me this week. 

This short story recounts an experience I had in college when I learned a dear friend of mine had been seriously injured in a boating accident. I’d always known him to be the kid who bucked authority and the person who didn’t care much for rules- he just wanted to be adventurous and have fun. When I learned he was in the hospital, it brought all my previous beliefs about youth and invincibility to a halt. Suddenly very bad things could happen to very good people, and it was a jarring thought.

It inspired this piece and it actually appeared in a chapbook my creative writing class made in college (it was very unofficial and only the class got a copy haha). It’s now an officially published piece with Six Hens Literary Journal, and I cannot thank their Editor in Chief enough for putting in SO much time and effort in making this piece the best it can be! I’m thrilled to be a part of Six Hens, and join the family of strong, female writers telling true stories. 

You can find a link to The Rebel Boy and my other publications here

Keto Diet Update: All The Fails

You know that phrase “all the feels”? Well I’ve adapted it to all the fails because that’s where we are in Keto Week 2… I haven’t measured my keto status, but I’m pretty sure I’m out of ketosis. I don’t know, maybe it’s all those fries I ate last night. 

ANYWAY! I promised honesty so here we are, confessing for all the world to see. However, I’m not going to let this tiny slip up (okay, major slip up) get me down. Instead, I’m going to re-envision my goal, boost my motivation, and use what I learned those first five days to get me through the next two months. I lost 4.5 pounds in 5 days y’all! That’s really exciting. And more than that, my entire health routine was just better. We were eating home-cooked meals all day every day, and it just felt good.

So I’m going to get back there… on Monday. It’s a holiday weekend and I’m going to the beach so who even knows what kind of food will be had. BUT I did get low-carb beer, so does that count?

Keto Update: Day 4

This is my current mind state right now

That cat is me right now, and I’m really craving a cheeseburger and fries. At the end of Day 3, I was getting over some of the excitement. By Day 7 or 8 I’m sure it will feel habitual, but I’m in that limbo phase right now where I just want a cheeseburger.

BUT it’s the beginning of Day 4, and there’s already lots of good things to share! The most exciting of which is… I LOST 3 POUNDS! Based off my recent research, I’m pretty sure this is just water weight, but hey. Pounds are pounds! And I’m super excited my body is responding to the Keto way of life. There are lots of things that have been helping me along the way: Read more

Hello Keto Diet


It’s officially been 24 hours since Tyler and I started the Keto diet! He’s already in ketosis, that jerk 😉 While my body may be taking longer to respond, I have full faith I’ll hit the keto mark by end of Day 3. Ketosis is “is a metabolic state in which most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides most of the energy.” So basically you’re eating WAY low-carb, high fat, moderate protein to retrain your body on how to burn its energy stores. I Breathe I’m Hungry provides fantastic meal plans, including her 3-day-kickstart which we’re doing now, and so far so good. Read more

Young Living Promos: August is Here!


August is here and it couldn’t be better! Not because of the 110 degree weather (living is the south is hard, y’all), but because Young Living is giving away some AWESOME goodies!

For those interested in oils, this season is a great time to join in the fun. Young Living is spreading the love and doing fairly regular giveaways for new members. This used to happen almost never, certainly not when I was joining! So take advantage now and get your Premium Starter Kit today. It’s absolutely the best way to oil because it’s all right there and accessible in a starter kit. You get:

  • 11 everyday essential oils
  • Dewdrop diffuser
  • Sample packets of oils and exclusive NingXia Red energy blend
  • Travel bottles
  • Learning Literature with helpful tips
  • Access to Essential Rewards program to earn FREE oils
  • 24% discounted wholesale price on all YL products

And if you order your kit in August, they’ll also throw in a 15ml bottle of Cedarwood oil! Check out the graphic for more info on everything this oil can do for you! Visit to get started 😀 



DIY Lavender Oil Trio

DIY lavender

What’s better than DIY health and beauty products? Making those products with lavender oil from Young Living! Last weekend, I just so happened to run out of almost everything, including my moisturizer and face wash. I’d been using an “all natural” face wash from the store, but I had a bottle of lavender oil, so I figured, why not make these myself? Read more

Young Living: Thieves Household Cleaner

Young Living Thieves

I’m already so excited to get my Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner in a few days. It already has my vote because…

  • I know it’s safe for my home and for the environment
  • It won’t knock me out with its fumes
  • It actually costs me LESS than other eco-conscious brands!

See for yourself, and try Thieves Cleaner along with me!