March Madness Indeed

It’s quite possible I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…but that seems to be my MO, so let’s do it! This month, I’ve decided to do a #20in31 challenge at my local Pure Barre studio (you attend 20 classes in 31 days), my husband and I are doing a Whole30, and I’m editing (read: tearing apart and putting back together) my novel False River, which I plan to release this April!

On top of all those exciting endeavors, I’m more determined than ever to grow with my team at Young Living. I’ve been using oils for a year, but have really only dived into the business side of things in January. The thing I love about it…okay nevermind. The thingS I love (because there are too many to just say one) are the financial freedom, relationship building, education mindset, and empowerment I get to share with others. I’m not swimming in cash, I still have my day job, but I am getting my monthly order for free. With the income I have left over, I’m able to print class materials, order samples to give away to friends, purchase prizes for drawings at lectures, order booklets and workbooks to help budding business builders reach their goals. I’m not quitting my day job yet–I’m not taking 3 vacations a year. For now, I love pouring back into others and showing them the YL lifestyle. 


People are pretty much why I do anything in life. I’m a licensed counselor, and I love listening to people’s stories and teaching them skills that will help improve their lives. I’m a writer. I write about PEOPLE. They always come before the plot points. When I have an idea for a story, it’s with a particular person in mind. With Young Living, I’ve had the honor of teaching to dozens of people, seeing new faces, meeting potential team members, and making friends. For an introvert, this is a gift 😉 I now have an avenue to meet others who are interested in living a happy, healthy life. 

I host classes. Not parties. I’m not there to entertain anyone, or sell them something they don’t want or need. I’m there to educate you on the best way to live a chemical free lifestyle. Do you need to buy things to do that? Sure. But that’s not why I’m there. I want to leave you with questions and curiosity, not with money in my pocket. These past few months, I’ve changed my focus to education. It’s more effective, it’s more fun, and it’s genuine. I’m all about that life.

With knowledge comes power. Once I teach a class, I can see the neurons firing. I see the connections people make to those unexplained headaches, or the constant fatigue, or the sleepless nights. I see them connecting the hormone disrupting chemicals in their homes to their depression and anxiety. Best of all, I see them realizing they can do something about it. Our society operates on a disease model. We rarely go to the doctor unless we’re sick. On the flip side, oils focus on keeping you well. Their purpose is not to treat or cure disease, but to support your body so it can do what it’s meant to do. By staying above the wellness line, we take our health into our own hands, and that’s incredibly powerful. 

This crazy month is the jump start into the life I want to lead. I want to be stronger and fitter through barre, I want to eat clean regularly (of course making time for cheese dip and margs occasionally), I want to empower others to live well and be well through essential oils. My wellness journey hasn’t always been easy, and it’s never overnight. It’s a daily choice we make. This isn’t about buying a few oils and letting them sit under your sink unopened. It’s not about using organic ____ that one time. It’s about a true lifestyle change, one step at a time. I truly want to show you what those steps can be. My classes are always free, so if you want to host, I would love to teach! If you’re wondering what the heck oils are and what you can do with them, head over to and look around. 

Living With Less

Happy  Valentine’s Day!! Can’t believe it’s already halfway through February. It got me thinking about my year so far, and all that’s happened since. See, I had a phrase for myself in 2017 before I really knew what it meant. I knew I wanted to “live with less” but I had little knowledge about minimalism and what that could look like in my life. Then I went to visit my best friend and her husband in Nashville this January. You know you’ve found your soul sister/bestie when she’s constantly inspiring you to be a better person. I think after that one trip, I watched a documentary on simpler living, bought a book on minimalism, cleaned out a room back home, bought 3 potted succulents, and simplified my beauty routine by about 50%. Read more

I’ve Been Inspired!

I’ve been inspired by my friend, Emily. If you haven’t stalked her blog Emily Louise Writes, do yourself a favor and click that link. She’s witty, adorable, and can write circles around the rest of us. And she also turned her New Year’s resolutions into goals! Brilliant. 

Like any good writer, I steal from the best. So I, too, am turning my New Year’s resolutions into goals. *cracks knuckles* Here we go…


  1. MAINTAIN: Read 20+ books this year. Some may roll their eyes at their number, but I am NOT a speed reader. Not even close. Also, I think TV and movies have great stories in them too, so finding time to read can be a challenge. I’d like to continue on the path to being a well read individual, but I’ll up the ante by reading 5 more books this year than I did last year.
  2. PURSUE: Get back into my wedding dress. It’s no secret I’ve been on a wellness journey for quite some time. Rather than focusing on pounds lost or calories consumed, my goal is to combine ALL my wellness efforts (Pure Barre, eating well, using essential oils to support my body) and get back into my wedding dress by my next anniversary!
  3. LEARN: PUBLISH A FREAKIN’ BOOK! This has also been quite the journey, and I’m THIS close! Because of the kindness of others, I’m having my first novel edited as we speak, and my goal is to have it in your hands this spring. This goal is two-fold, though. I’m also working hard to land an agent and publishing deal which will only open more doors for me to share what I love through story telling. So why not pursue both sides of that goal coin??
  4. GROW: Rank up at Young Living. I’ve been steadily pursuing a side gig with Young Living, and it has been incredible! The extra paycheck is great, but the PEOPLE! I can’t imagine not having the network of fellow oilers that I do now. I want to keep growing and strengthening those relationships, reaching more people, and filling more homes with nature’s power source, and I can measure that by hitting Silver rank this year 🙂 

The perfectionist in me feels weird leaving it at 4 goals. I really like odd numbers and prime ones to be exact BUT I’m going to push past my tendency to make mountains out of mole hills and just leave it…or maybe that should be my 5th goal…


Love, Haley 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s Christmas season and that means Christmas movies galore!! One of my favorites is the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but since we’ve been married, my husband and I have watched the more recent version. We also love quoting our favorite lines while we watch, so it’s a night of fun. But of course, I love things with a theme, so there MUST be a drink that goes along with it 😉 Sorry for the fuzzy photo- I literally snapped this as the opening credits were rolling.   Read more

A Few of My Favorite Things

I know I’m not Oprah…but this seems the perfect time of year to list all of my favorites from 2016. Whether they’re places I’ve been, apps I can’t live without, or favorite items, I want to share them with you! (And just in time for Christmas). If you want to know more about any of the following favorites, find me on Facebook 🙂

Read more

Curious About Oils

Getting a kit through Young Living not only saves you $300+ in the long run, but it equips you with the MOST easily used oils to start your journey. Covering everything from digestive support to immune booster, the “everyday oils” are accessible, powerful, and versatile. What often happens, though, is that we don’t know where to go after that. When I got my membership and kit, it took  me WEEKS to start using those oils every day. But I got curious about what they could do, I started using them often and reaching for them daily, and then I had used up my favorites! We often just restock our go-to’s and forget about the other 99% of Young Living’s products.

One day I flipped open the product guide that came in my kit and I started circling things I wanted, just like I used to do with a JC Penney catalog at Christmas! Perhaps one the of greatest tools in anyone’s essential oil arsenal is their curiosity. I firmly believe that no matter what the research says (and it says LOTS of good things!) that personal experience with oils is the key way to own your journey. 

One of the things that keeps me inspired to try new things is Young Living’s Essential Rewards program. I get points back on my monthly orders, and the only commitment is spending about $50 per month. I budget it into my grocery or home budget, and then I use that $50 (sometimes more, hehe) to explore new things!! That’s how I fell in LOVE with their probiotic, Life5 (newly reformulated as Life9!), the NingXia line for whole body wellness and energy boosts, and their Thieves household cleaning products! It would have taken me months (if ever) to stumble upon these now staple products if I hadn’t been using my essential rewards. And to think, I would’ve missed out on the best pre-workout snack I’ve found yet! Or the most delightful smelling, all-natural, all purpose household cleaner that cleans EVERY surface in my home without harsh chemical agents. 

While some products work better with my body than others, I’ve loved trying them all. And I have barely scratched the surface! One of the biggest comments I get about Young Living is that it’s catalog is HUGE! Though it may look overwhelming at first glance, this is a good thing. It means that I can keep exploring without ever getting bored. And YL keeps unveiling new products, seasonal kits, and reformulations. It’s growing and changing, and I want to grow with it! There’s so much to try, I can hardly choose when it’s time for next monthly order 🙂 So push past the overwhelming feeling and just pick a category (oils, blends, supplements, weight management, household cleaning, etc) and pick a few products to try. Then next month, go to your second most important category. The following month, flip to the other page you’ve been curious about. Taking this approach can help you feel empowered to try things that YOU need while breaking it down into easy pieces. 

A whole wide world awaits, and I encourage you to think about your “why.” Why did you want to start using oils? Why are you curious about getting the MOST out of these products? In what ways are you looking to enhance your life? Then go and pursue that. I’ll be here cheering you on 🙂 

Tips for a Successful NaNoWriMo

If you stumbled over that last word, don’t worry. You’re in good company. It stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s every writers favorite and least favorite month all rolled into one! Over the next 30 days, I’ll be challenging myself to crank out a 50,000 word novel. Or the first draft of it at least. My writing community and I will have from November 1-30… that’s it. In case you’re doing the math, that’s 1,667 words per day. No pressure, right?! So this year, I thought I’d make a short list of all the things one can do to help be successful. Lehgo.

1. Get out of Your Head

It may sound simple, but it can be the most difficult thing to overcome when staring at a blank computer screen. I’m not talking about the self-doubt and the cold sweats. That might come later. This is about the novel you’re writing in your head. We’ve all been there–day dreaming into this fantasy world we’ve created, only to freeze when it counts. So here’s my advice. Keep a journal or notepad with you at ALL times! Got an idea? Jot it down. Heard a funny line from that conversation you were creeping on in the coffee shop? Write that down do. Let the paper hold your plot points and scene ideas, so your head is free. If you try to keep it all in your head, it might get scrambled up there and no one wants that on Nov 1. 

2. Prepare Your Space

Ohmmmmm anyone? Whether it’s organizing your desk, having your aforementioned journal ready to pull from, or doing a quick stretch before sitting down, make your prep your own! I’ve been getting my writing desk juuuusssttt right so it feels like a cool, fun space by Nov 1. By my side will be my favorite essential oils for focus: cedarwood, frankincense, peppermint, and lemon. I’ll also be using some motivation essential oil for those tough days 😉 I’m also still working on crafting the perfect playlist to keep my ideas flowing and fingers moving. Don’t wait until November to start exploring Spotify. NO TIME! Also, notice I’m writing this blog on October 31st…

3. Enlist Help

Tell someone! Seriously, tell your friends and family that you’ll be AWOL for 30 days so a) they don’t get mad when you don’t text them back, or b) they don’t worry you’ve disappeared or been abducted. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Enlist the help of a friend who can bring you take-out when you’re on a roll. Or do what I do. There’s these people called a spouse. They’re like super supportive roommates (with some benefits) and they’re really great at helping cook dinner, putting kids to bed, and making you feel like a champ at the end of a ragged day of writing. If you have one, enlist their help! If not, no worries. There are plenty others than can help support your journey to being the next great NaNo novelist 🙂

4. Fret = Regret

Panicking about your novel helps no one–especially not you. Write when you can and as much as you can. If you go wild and knock out 2,000 words on day 1, awesome. If Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the best time to pull out the old laptop and start writing, that’s okay too. You’ll have days of feast and famine, but not to worry. As long as you make it up somewhere, that’s all that matters. This is also where the journal from #1 comes in handy. If you’ve got a basic idea of your plot (pantsers and planners alike), then you can always get back on track. Some days, a trip down the rabbit hole is just what you need to get the imagination going and take your story to the next level. Other days, you’ll want a reminder of what your book is even about and who that new character is and how the heck did they end up in Florida? Don’t fret. It’ll only derail you and lead to time wasted on worry. Keep. on. trucking.

5. Compete…but only if you’re competitive 

NaNo is technically a competition. But one with many winners. As long as you hit 50K words, you win!! You also have the option of adding “writing buddies” to your profile. These people can help support you, give you ideas and tips through the forums, and they can also provide MAJOR motivation. If you look at your buddies’ profiles, and see they’re 10,000 words ahead of you? It may light a fire. But only do this if it leads to encouragement. If you’re they type to spiral out a la #4, then don’t do this! There are enough winner badges to go around, I swear. So compete if you want to, race a writing buddy to who can write the most words that day… or not. It’s up to you!

May the NaNo gods be with you, and here’s to 50,000 words in 30 days! You got this!!



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